A Feast of Coastal Karnataka discovery

A few months ago I was commissioned to shoot Coastal Karnataka and Goa for an assignment by a Travel Magazine. It was a six-day trip, which was more about the journey than the places we visited.

Having lived in Karnataka for close to 12 years, little did I expect that the trip would be a feast of Coastal Karnataka discovery, in the company of an amazing writer.

While, you can view the story here, http://bit.ly/1Iy015f, I am sharing a few photographs on this blog from the trip.


Our first pit stop was Sakleshpur | ©www.nishallama.com


Sakleshpur is a hill station town in Hassan district in Karnataka | ©www.nishallama.com


Mist filled anonymous lake in Sakleshpur  | ©www.nishallama.com

Fishermen near Shiva Temple at Murudeshwar

A group of Fishermen near Shiva Temple at Murudeshwar | ©www.nishallama.com

A native of Goakarna

A native of Goakarna | ©www.nishallama.com


In Murudeshwar | ©www.nishallama.com


Goa | ©www.nishallama.com


Goa | ©www.nishallama.com

fisherwomen Murudeshwar

A group of fisherwomen Murudeshwar

fishes at Murudeshwar

Freshly caught fishes at Murudeshwar | ©www.nishallama.com

Marvanathe near Kundapura

A view of the ocean from Marvanathe near Kundapura | ©www.nishallama.com

You can view rest of the photographs from Coastal Karnataka here,



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