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So a few days ago when Pranita, who is a blogger from Bangalore, and quite obviously, very promising with her work too, chose KR Market for a shoot we had planned, I was excited. I have been personally wanting to do something like this for sometime now in and around the flower market, which is quite busy right from the morning, as early as 5 am.

This was one of the first editorial shoots with her but I was pretty happy with the way she pulled it off. First shoot, and amidst so many people around, and we managed to get most our shots. All reasons to be satisfied!

She writes in her blog: With an idea of personifying street style in the city, I chose to take the fashion trends, right from magazines to the centuries-old markets. Trends that have an intense influence of the seventies’ colours, silhouettes and the juxtaposed culture. In an attempt to showcase this concept, we shot at the hustling flower market of the old Bengaluru. ‘Pete’ is referred to as ‘market’ in kannada and the concept suggests a cosmopolitan take on fashion in the flower market.

Do check out her blog here,


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Going Blues with Soulmate at An Ode to the Blues in Bangalore

“I am sure every kind of music has the age and time. But one of the greatest thing about Blues, is it ages.”

Great fun last weekend, on May 9, at An Ode To The Blues (AOTTB). Good food, great music, and, in the company of just the right people. Enjoyed socialising, too, with friends after a long time.

Amongst the other bands that performed, Soulmate was good as ever.

I feel these guys represent more than the notes they play. Thanks for the amazing performance Rudy & Tips.

Soulmate |

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Varanasi, a mystic experience

Ever since I had completed my last Varanasi trip, I have been waiting for my next visit. Undoubtedly, Varanasi is a place of great importance to the Hindus. I read this somewhere, “Varanasi, a mystic experience which takes the mind to think beyond the earthly life,” and I can’t agree more.


Priests performing evening Ganga Aarti on the banks of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India | ©

10-Varanasi-uttar pradesh-india

Mahendra Baba spends sometime together with friends in a crematorium near Harishchandra Ghat by the banks of the river Ganges | ©

6-Varanasi-Uttar Pradesh, India

A native of West Bengal, Mahendra Baba has made the Ghats of Varanasi his home for more than a decade. He plans to construct a temple by the banks of river Ganges in future | ©


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India | ©


Sadhu and Monkey in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh | ©

You can view rest of the photographs from Varanasi here,

A Feast of Coastal Karnataka discovery

A few months ago I was commissioned to shoot Coastal Karnataka and Goa for an assignment by a Travel Magazine. It was a six-day trip, which was more about the journey than the places we visited.

Having lived in Karnataka for close to 12 years, little did I expect that the trip would be a feast of Coastal Karnataka discovery, in the company of an amazing writer.

While, you can view the story here,, I am sharing a few photographs on this blog from the trip.


Our first pit stop was Sakleshpur | ©


Sakleshpur is a hill station town in Hassan district in Karnataka | ©


Mist filled anonymous lake in Sakleshpur  | ©

Fishermen near Shiva Temple at Murudeshwar

A group of Fishermen near Shiva Temple at Murudeshwar | ©

A native of Goakarna

A native of Goakarna | ©


In Murudeshwar | ©


Goa | ©


Goa | ©

fisherwomen Murudeshwar

A group of fisherwomen Murudeshwar

fishes at Murudeshwar

Freshly caught fishes at Murudeshwar | ©

Marvanathe near Kundapura

A view of the ocean from Marvanathe near Kundapura | ©

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